What is trekking?

What is trekking?

We have heard people using the word “trekking” a lot. But what is trekking anyway? Does it similar to climbing? Today, Gialinhtravel will help you find out the proper answer for that question.

We have asked this question to a backpacking expert Le Ba Cong, who has participated in the program “Conquer Everest”. From his point of view, understanding the history and the background of the mountain you are going to conquer was the first and foremost thing that you should do before the trip. He said that trekking was not just all about going and climbing, but also about listening and feeling. Every mountain has its own myth, some of them even have sacred meaning to local people. Sherap Sherpa usually advise his students to show respect to the mountain before climbing with the belief that once we had given it respection, the mountain’s god would not vent its anger on you. For example, you can advoid forest fires by this way.

what is trekking?

what is trekking?

Trekkers usually like to talk with local people wherever they come. Thanks to that, they can have deep understanding of how to conquer the mountain and anticipate the impending threats. The stories of the fore trekkers, no matter good or bad, will be invaluable lessons for you to deal with the difficulties. Respect the mountain and they won’t get anger with you, somehow it’s true, right?


Learn about the local culture

A maxim is passed between trekkers that: “Trekking teaches us patience”

Trekking doesn’t take as much as strength as climbing (climbing is often made with straight cliffs), but it requires a great flexibility and patience. When you trek thousands of meters, the air gets weak (oxy is only 60% at the height of 6.000m, and 30% at the height of 8.000m), the temperature gets lower ( it decreases 10C when you get 100m higher). Therefore, if you trek quickly, you will get exhausted soon because you can not get oxy in time. The lack of oxy can lead to headache, vomiting, insomnia, illogical thinking, and you can not maintain your actions. Moreover, a rush can make you lose opportunities to watch flowers and landscape around.

Trekking, simply defined as passing through forests, and climb primitive mountains, is a measurement to make you stronger and more clever effectively. It will help you stronger after each footstep because you have to try your best to step little by little. Therefore, you can call it a kind of exam for endurance of the physical health and the will. It may be the most important factor that makes this sport attractive. Certainly, you, and people in your team will be surprised to find out that your threshold is higher that you think. Your brave, and your confidence will become higher.

The life without water, electricity will help everyone get the value of the life, the normal things we often forget. Besides, one of the most interesting things trekking athletes have is showing the love for our country in foreign countries. On the top of the mountain, they hold each other, together sing the National song beside our country’s flag. At that moment, you are the representative of our country, and you will feel full of the National spirit.

It is a pity that most of the trekkers now are foreigners.

It is because we partly don’t have the habit of adventurous travel and the information of this sport is limited. Recently, travel agencies have started to disseminate this kind of risky sport which is accepted by most of the young. It will certainly become more popular in the future when the standard of living is getting higher. It will satisfy the demand of challenge of the young, and generate a generation of more bravery, more energetic, and more desirable youth.

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