The cause I favor Vietnam tour

1. Street food

The right place to try Vietnamese food is not in the restaurant, but on simple stores at the corners of the road.The street food of Vietnam is admittedly mouthwatering, most notably Vietnamese broken rice, pho, fresh spring rolls.How to cook food is pretty starlingly uncomplicated, sometime they just blend all the elements all together and a delicious meal is set!During my Vietnam holiday packages, I think the time of having food in the roads to be the most wonderful memory of mine.During my Vietnam package tours, I vote the experience of eating food in the streets to be the most favourable memory of mine.

Street food in Saigon packages

2. Cross the road
If you are from some developed places having a trip to Vietnam, in that case crossing the road is an essencial technique you have to know.In Vietnam, motorcycle is one among the most widely used means of transport, futhermore the flow of those motors seems unable to predict.Make sure you do move steadily across the lane. Any attempt to rush as well as out of the blue change the speed is not permitted.However you should not worry too much, they will not hit you.I am excited by the feeling after i get successfully arrive at the other side of the lane. It feels like I have received victory in some challenging game!

3. Coffee
This S-shaped country is the 2nd largest provider of coffee in this world.That’s why it is a huge loss when you make a visit yo Vietnam without tasting the flavor of “original coffee”.They often add sweeten condense milk to this kind of drink to help it to be more enjoyable. To have the ideal taste of Vietnam coffee, you can drink in Highland coffee store.Tasting coffee in the store of Vietnam makes me feel happy and even at ease.

4. Halong bay
Halong can be understood as “descending dragon” in Vietnamese. Nice name, and impressive travel destination too.Halong really deserve the label “herritage site of the world”.I guess that the amazing scenery in Halong can make you wow with surprising.In Halong you can see dozen of great limestone islands.You will find yourself surprised by the wide range of shapes of those limestone karsts and isles.Owing to Halong bay is usually full of travelers, it is best to stay away from public holiday and peak time in case you are visiting Halong bay.

5. City parks
The park in Vietnam is happy with lots of people together with a wide range of fun activities.Day by day, in the morning time as well as in the sunset, you could see a group of individuals performing exercise or dancing all together beside the lake.A few feet away, a number of small group of people is jogging as well as running around the local park.Due to these kinds of collective actions, Vietnamese people are fairly close-knit.Feel free to join those actions if you like, Vietnamese always welcome you.

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